After placing a shape, press R, T or Y to rotate it.
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Chooses an environment preset. This controls the scene's background and environment light. You can tweak the light below.
Color of the light that comes from above (sky).
Color of the light that comes from below (ground).
Intensity of ambient light. Ambient light is everywhere. Nothing can hide from ambient light. It's there even in the shadow. Even if you make a solid shelter out of opaque cubes, guess what will be inside? Surprise: ambient light!
Color of sunlight (also known less poetically as "directional light").
How strong sunlight is. Remember to use sunscreen.
Direction the sun is coming from. This controls the planar direction (aka "yaw" or "heading"). For elevation, see "Sun pitch" below.
How high the sun is in the sky. All the way to the right is high noon. All the way to the left and the sun will be at the horizon.
Background color (only used when there is no background image in the selected environment).
Controls how strong the fog effect is. Fog affects objects in proportion with the distance: the farther, the foggier. Fog color is the same as "BG color" above. Note: it's tricky to use fog with a background image, works best with solid color backgrounds.
Ambient occlusion approximates the effect where less exposed surfaces of the scene become a bit darker, as they do in real life due to photons and such, except here it's totally fake.
Bloom exagerates bright colors and well-lit surfaces, making them bleed a bit into the neighboring pixels. It tricks your brain into thinking "wow this is super bright" when in fact it's actually just blurry. Brains are easy to trick.
This controls how sensitive the bloom effect is. The higher this slider goes, the more bloom-ey your scene will be.
Depth of field effect. This is a selective blur that blurs the parts of the scene that are too near or too far. Works best for close-ups of an individual detail.
This controls at what distance things will be in focus. Anything closer or farther will be blurry.
Camera aperture. The higher this goes, the narrower the focus range will be (the closer things will need to be to the focal distance in order to be sharp).
Enable and the ground will become a perfectly polished mirror. The higher the slider goes, the brighter the reflection is.
X/Y shapes